About Us

Who We Are

BookPotato LOVE books; creating books and sharing books. We specialise in helping the indie (independent) author to market and sell their books.

Authors submit their books for FREE (just like some other self publishing platforms) we then support each book on our site with additional marketing suggestions and opportunities (unlike any other self publishing platform). We are keen to sell YOUR book too, if our authors are successful, then we are successful. 


What We Do

There is a small nominal fee for authors, editors, illustrators, beta-readers and photographers to obtain a membership and become a PotatoCreative. This is to cover admin costs and to eliminate ‘time wasters’. We want to support PotatoCreatives who are serious about their work, building a community of quality creatives that help each other to produce quality books.

The basic marketing package is FREE, additional packages vary in cost (there is no obligation to purchase additional marketing packages).

A few words about


BookPotato.org was founded by Thomas Carter and Carrie Bevins, co-authors of Wizard Werzal (writing under pseudonym of Carrie Thomas). After using large companies for self publishing their books, they were left feeling very strongly that the service they received could and should, be more supportive and more profitable for the author. Carrie and Tom began BookPotato with the primary aim of supporting indie (independent) authors to get their books seen. Carrie and Thomas have a wealth of knowledge about the self publishing industry and have a great amount of support from other professionals. They want to offer additional contacts and support to our indie authors (and other ‘PotatoCreatives’ such as editors, illustrators etc) to sell their books right along side already established and trade published books

Tom has had a long career working within marketing. From houses to films, Tom has successfully supported clients to market products and services. 

Tom has a great deal of experience and knowledge of working with small businesses to establish and market their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). He enjoys working closely with businesses to build their understanding and confidence of marketing, supporting their growth.

Carrie was a soul trader seeking professional marketing advise; she met Tom in this capacity, but jointly they exposed their passion for books and worked together to co-author and self-publish children’s books.

Forming Bookpotato has combined Tom’s working knowledge of marketing with his passion and excitement for books. Tom is a valuable asset, contributor and co-founder of BookPotato.org

Carrie has spent the majority of her career as a qualified nurse (1999 to 2017), climbing the career ladder and gaining additional qualifications, including degree in  Public Health. Carrie has always enjoyed learning and been thirsty to develop skills at work and in private projects, spending a great deal of time with her head in books. 

After leaving the NHS in 2017 to pursue her interest of early brain development, Carrie was supporting families to develop and improve knowledge of research-based information to enhance parenting skills. Carrie developed her own play sessions (Brain Bricks) which received positive feedback, but struggled to effectively market the sessions. Carrie sought professional advise from Tom Carter, together they exposed their passion for books and worked together to co-author and self-publish children’s books.

Carrie remains passionate about supporting others to develop their full potential, spending the last year working full time without income, dedicating all her time to learning and using self publishing platforms as well as how to effectively market indie books. Carrie has been a vital component, contributor and co-founder of BookPotato.org