Power of Carter by Brian Kelvin


Narcissist. Perfectionist. Playboy.

Those are the three distinct words used to describe New Haven teen heartthrob, Carter Powers. Dark haired and green eyed with more abs than you can count with just your fingers, his sexy stare and charming smile are enough to make the ladies’ pants drop and the guys ogle helplessly.
Poised to be the next CEO of his family’s billion dollar industry against his Hollywood dream, he feels the weight of the world on his weary shoulders and uses hedonism as a sweet escape.

But his sweet escape is about to have one BITTER blockade.

After a shocking betrayal from his best friend lands him in hot water, Carter is deported to Maine to spend the summer at a camp for rebel teenagers. Returning a refreshed guy, he decides to end his games on the night of his sixteenth birthday party but things get deadly….real fast.
Three of his flings are found DEAD outside his mansion gates on the night of his party.
When a savage new enemy, King Lear arises to punish him for his hedonism, Carter is thrown into a brave new world filled with heart wrenching secrets and death defying stunts as he finally learns that there are much worse games to play.

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  • Paperback: 332 pages
  • Publisher: BookPotato Independent Author (February 08, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-913061-02-9
  • Product Dimensions:  216mm x 138mm


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