United Ad Campaign Package


Every penny received for this package is spent directly on external advertising! Exposure for your title is based on a weekly campaign. 

This package combines marketing funds from the collective number of PotatoCreatives purchasing this package (the more people purchasing the package, the greater number of adverts can be placed)

  • BookPotato will collect fees from all participants of this package and pool the money together.
  • The BookPotato team will review in their team meeting. The team will agree most appropriate use for funds based on quantity and genre of books being marketed.
  • External advertising will then be initiated (e.g. social media, magazines etc), ensuring that all the titles involved have been considered and receive equal exposure.
  • To ensure transparency of how funds have been allocated, all advertising strategies for this package will be announced in Hot Potato News! as well as further exposure of the titles who invested in the United Ad Campaign.
  • This is a simple but effective method to extending everybody’s marketing budget. The more PotatoCreatives using this package, the further our external advertising campaigns can reach. Your title is guaranteed to be seen by larger audiences through this unique marketing option.


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